Paxton Rewards

By Paul Maloney on Thu 06 April 2023

Paxton, the international security technology manufacturer, has launched their brand-new installer loyalty programme, Paxton Rewards. The exciting new programme rewards Paxton installers for participation in product training, buying, and installing Paxton security products, and makes collecting points quick and easy!

Paxton Rewards is now live and available for installers to use in the Paxton Installer app. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Android Google play.

What do you get with each tier?

The more points you earn, the higher you climb. Start from the Paxton Partner and work your way up through the tiers to exclusive Platinum Partner. You will unlock more exclusive benefits with every tier.


Paxton Partner

Opportunity to be listed on the Paxton website

Partner badge

Silver Partner - 150 points

50 Tier points bonus

Elevated listing on the Paxton website

Silver Partner badge

Gold Partner - 500 points

500 Tier points bonus

Elevated listing on the Paxton website

Gold Partner badge

Platinum Partner - 2000 points

Opportunity to be listed on the Paxton website

Premium listing on the Paxton website

Exclusive Platinum Partner brochures

Platinum Partner badge


What rewards can you get?

You can redeem your points straight away in the Paxton Installer app for:

  • Paxton products
  • Branded merchandise
  • Amazon vouchers

How does it work?

Scan & go: use the Paxton Installer app to scan your silver Paxton product barcode and claim your points. For larger sites, batch register products via Net2.

Achieve more: complete a range of activities and achievements for more points.

Claim your rewards: spend your points on Paxton products, branded merchandise and Amazon vouchers.



What can you collect points on?

You can scan silver barcodes on a range of Paxton products, including:

  • Net2 & Paxton10 Controllers – 10 points
  • Paxton10 Cameras – 5-10 points
  • Entry Panels & Monitors – 5-10 points
  • Standalone products – 5 points

You can also earn points by attending training sessions and collaborating on case studies:

  • Complete any installer training session – 20 points
  • Collaborate on a case study – 100 point

When you complete all Paxton training, there are additional bonus points that will be applied to your account.

How does the Find an Installer tool work?

Installers are displayed based on their Partner status and the points they have earned. When a customer searches for installers in their postcode, 10 of the highest-tiered companies will appear in this order.

The more points you earn, the more likely it is your organisation will be displayed.

Paxton Products

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