Trading since 1965, and known since 1987 as No Climb Products Ltd., the company was re-branded as ‘detectortesters’ in 2007 when the name ‘No Climb’ no longer focussed on the company’s core activity. detectortesters are the company behind the world leading Solo, Trutest, Chekkit, Scorpion, Testifire and Smoke Sabre smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector testing products.

detectortesters sell their products all over the world and operate from both the UK and the USA. Focussed on the design and manufacture of outstanding quality, innovative products, they invest heavily in R&D, close technical and strategic alliances, and strong customer service and support. As a result, detectortesters enjoy trading partnerships with more than 90 countries worldwide – leading the market for their products in many of them.

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