Hikvision 3K Cameras

By Paul Maloney on Wed 19 January 2022


The new range of Hikvision 'KF0T' 3K ColorVu cameras provide an array of benefits to CCTV installers and end users.

Superb Image Quality with No Distortion

The cameras have the same 16:9 aspect ratio as most monitors on the market.  This means that their images don't suffer from the distortion that a lot of other cameras are subject to when viewed on a 16:9 monitor.



24/7 Full Colour Imaging

The cameras have Hikvision's ColorVu technology built in which captures full colour images in very poorly lit conditions.





Ultra High Definition

The resolution on Hikvision's 3K cameras is higher than other brands' 5MP 16:9 cameras.



Audio Over Coax

The cameras have a built in microphone and can transmit the audio received over the same coaxial cable that transmits video making for a quicker and tidier installation.



IP67 Ingress Protection



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