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By Paul Maloney on Tue 30 November 2021

Suprema's clean and hygienic no-touch biometric access control and time and attendance solution is tailored to fulfill the dynamic demands of the construction industry. Its no-touch operation also makes it very fast.

Whatever aspect of consruction you are involved in, Suprema’s expert solution can accurately control access and track time and attendance across your sites using the world’s best facial recognition technology.

Customized event logs and reports are available in real-time with Suprema BioStar 2 management software and integration is made easy with comprehensive SDK & open API support, regardless of your platform type.


System Benefits

  • Handles a large number of employees
  • Fast processing to manage the flow of people at gateways
  • Unaffected by contaminated fingerprints
  • Scalability over multiple access points
  • Prevents ‘buddy punching’
  • Eliminates the high cost of ID card issuance/replacement
  • Works in all lighting conditions
  • Integrates with HR/Payroll systems
  • Intuitive GUI and multi-language support


System Features


Faster flow of people by facial recognition


  • World’s fastest matching speed - up to 3,000 match/sec
  • Facial recognition provides virtually the same matching speed as RF cards with less action
  • 30% faster processing time than fingerprints



Future-proof, cost reduction and scalability


  • Distributed topology to maximize scalability for expansion and system design
  • Facial recognition to eliminate the expensive cost of card issuance, replacement, and maintenance
  • Readers have RF card reading option for any users who require this option



Less effort, less intrusive


  • No requirement to carry a card, no hand action required on entry
  • Hygienic contact free system
  • Hands are left free to carry goods or personal items



Enhanced security to prevent fraud


  • Near-infrared based fake face detection optics to prevent spoofing with imitated face images (photos, LCD screens etc.)
  • Stores up to 50,000 face image logs for audit trail



Reliable 24/7 operation


  • Uncompromised operation in all lighting conditions - from complete darkness (0 lux) to full daylight (25,000 lux)
  • Real-time site monitoring and reporting using BioStar 2 management software and smartphone app



Simple operation and implementation


  • Simple and efficient face image enrollment
  • Intuitive Android-based GUI requires minimal training for users and operators
  • Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration into your existing HR and payroll systems


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