Apollo Addressable Door Retainer

By Paul Maloney on Mon 08 April 2024


Apollo’s Addressable Door Retainer (ADR) is now available at RSPL!

The Addressable Door Retainer (ADR) is a game-changer for fire safety professionals and building owners alike, engineered to save time and money onsite through effortless and faster installation.

The ADR is a brand-new product of its type to the Irish market. Although there are many wired magnetic door holders available in the Irish market, this is the first loop powered, addressable door holder.



The Apollo ADR is an XP95 device designed for installation directly onto an addressable loop and is suitable for use on all types of fire door, including critical actuation doors. The addressable functionality allows panel cause & effect programming in complex buildings that facilitates evacuation whilst closing fire doors in alarmed areas.


Save Time

The ADR is 50% faster to install compared to conventional door retainers.

This figure is based on feedback from over 25 industry experts.

Save Money

The ADR is wired directly onto the loop of an XP95 addressable fire alarm system. There is no need for the separate I/O, mains supply, mains isolator or 24V power supply that would be required for a conventional door retainer.

Save Lives

The ADR is fail safe by design. The door releases when loop voltage is lost or after 60 seconds of zero protocol communication.


  • Integrated loop isolator
  • Extra low voltage usage
  • Failsafe by design
  • Patented permanent magnet technology
  • Doors and zones can be individually controlled
  • 200N holding force rating
  • Surface or semi-flush wall mounted
  • Floor mounting options via standard bracket
  • Suitable for Critical Actuation (Category A) installations when connected to A compliant fire panel


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