Testifire XTR2 and DT Connect App

By Paul Maloney on Tue 12 March 2024


Testifire XTR2 All-in-one Connected Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kits are now available at RSPL!

If you are looking to take your fire detector testing to the next level, you need solutions engineered for maximum productivity, as well as meeting the growing demand for proof of testing.

Our XTR2 testing kits are easy to use and, when used with a DT Connect app subscription, will automatically generate digital reports to provide testing insights to boost productivity.




  • Works with the DT Connect app
  • Auto generates test report
  • Suitable for smoke and heat detectors
  • Clearing mode for smoke detectors to eliminate repeat alarms
  • High heat setting allows for testing of heat detectors set to 100°c
  • Auto LED torch for testing in dark areas

DT Connect App

The XTR2 comes with a 6 month free trial of the DT Connect app subscription. After the trial period ends, users can choose to pay for a subscription to continue using all of the app’s features, or avail of a limited set of features free of charge.

The differences between the paid subscription and free of charge service are outlined below.



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