Hochiki LEAKalarm Leak Detection
Hochiki LEAKalarm Leak Detection

Despite the understandably significant resources spent on mitigating loss through fire, there is a much greater threat to business continuity, that of disruption to business and asset damage through water leaks.

Statistics show that the most likely cause of claims in blocks of flats, hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage. It is now a commonly accepted fact by insurers that water leakage is the costliest and most common claim made by commercial customers.

The only way to mitigate the risk of water damage is to continuously monitor for water leaks. Risk assessment of potential water damage and the installation of water leak detection systems are being recommended by commercial insurers more frequently and is often required for full cover.

Leading the way in water detection technology is the new LEAKalarm system from Hochiki. LEAKalarm is an intelligent (addressable) solution designed to be infinitely reliable, with many of its features also found in systems designed to ensure life safety.

Example Applications

The LEAKalarm system is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small, to very large areas, the cables and probes can be designed to fit almost any environment. LEAKalarm provides reliable, high sensitivity, water and leak detection in bespoke application specific installations. LEAKalarm is particularly useful in the following environments:

  • Communications sites
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Data distribution sites / data centres
  • Warehousing
  • Accommodation
  • Records storage
  • Insurance
  • Bathrooms / wet rooms
  • Power generation
  • Cultural / heritage sites
  • Portable switch rooms
  • Museums
  • Marine
  • Hospitals & healthcare

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