Scantronic 790r Field Strength Monitor
Scantronic 790r Field Strength Monitor

  • Can be used for site surveying, installation, servicing & fault finding
  • Portable & powered by a 9V DC alkaline battery
  • Panic alarm activated by pressing and holding SOS button for 3 seconds.
  • The alarm will call 3 phone numbers, one by one, until a call is answered.
  • Two-way audio allows voice communication between alarm user and alarm receiver.
  • The alarm will also send “Help me!” SMS text messages with GPS coordinates to the same 3 phone numbers.
  • GPS location of tracker can be viewed online and requested via SMS text message by authorised phone numbers.
  • Additional functions (can be enabled/disabled by user):
  • Fall detection alarm reports if the alarm holder collapses or is knocked to the ground.
  • Geo-fence alarm reports if the tracker enters or leaves a predefined area.
  • Speed alarm reports if the tracker exceeds a predefined speed limit.
  • Movement alarm reports if the tracker moves a predefined distance from its original position.
  • No movement alarm reports if the tracker doesn’t move within a predefined time period.
  • Listen-in function allows authorised phone numbers call the tracker to listen to what is happening around it.
  • Speed dial button for making non-emergency calls to 1 phone number.
  • Includes USB cable, charger and docking station.
  • Scantronic Product Code: 790REUR-00