Wagner Titanus ProSens
Wagner Titanus ProSens

Universal air sampling smoke detection system for a broad range of applications.

Titanus ProSens is a universal air sampling device for a broad range of applications. The high
degree of modularity of the device makes it possible to achieve a cost-effective solution – customised to suit the specific needs of the customer.

An additional price advantage comes with the optional equipping of the device with a second detector module. This means that one air sampling device can monitor two separate monitored areas. Alternatively, double-knock detection can be set up for both room and equipment monitoring purposes.

Titanus ProSens is available with 1 to 3 alarm levels, with a network option, in the cold storage version or in the silent version, which operates at noise levels as low as 23 dB (A).

The coverage of the detector is in accordance with EN 54-20: a single Titanus ProSens 2 system can replace up to 64 point-type smoke detectors. Thanks to a powerful fan operating at up to 560 Pa, a pipe length of up to 560 m can be achieved fullfilling EN 54-20 Class A to C requirement.


The robust Titanus ProSens offers a comprehensive product range complete with accessories
approved to EN 54-20. This allows the device to be used in areas where other smoke detectors and air sampling smoke detection systems have long reached their limits. These include:

  • IT areas and clean rooms
  • General warehouses, high bay storage areas and cold storage areas
  • Production and assembly lines
  • Wind farms
  • Libraries, museums and archives
  • Hospitals, hotel rooms and saunas
  • Recycling areas
  • Rail vehicles and tunnels


  • Early fire detection thanks to innovative, highly sensitive HPLS light source technology
  • High degree of false alarm immunity through LogicSens fire pattern recognition
  • Up to 3 alarm thresholds for a tiered alarm concept
  • A broad range of accessories, approved to EN 54-20
  • High degree of modularity for a customised, cost effective solution
  • Reliable project design with just 5 mouse clicks
  • Time saving commissioning through Plug & Play
  • Double-knock detection to enable separate room and equipment monitoring
  • Available as silent option from 23 dB (A)

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