Wagner Titanus MicroSens
Wagner Titanus MicroSens

The compact, cost-effective air sampling smoke detection system for equipment and small to medium-sized spaces.

Titanus MicroSens air sampling smoke detection system was developed as a cost-effective solution for monitoring small to medium-sized spaces and equipment. With the optional RoomIdent, this device makes use of patented technology that enables it to monitor up to 5 rooms or facilities and to identify the source of the fire alarm.

Titanus MicroSens is also available in a cold storage option, with a redundant fan, or as a detector box. The detector box option does not have its own fan and can be used in combination with Titanus systems to localise the sampling hole where the smoke is entering. As a fixed system, the Titanus MicroSens FSA is approved by DIBt.

A Titanus MicroSens air sampling smoke detection system can be used to replace up to 8 point type smoke detectors. This requires up to 50 m of pipe length, regardless of whether Class A, B or C is required in accordance with EN 54-20.


The compact Titanus MicroSens is ideal for applications where larger air sampling smoke detection systems would not be cost-effective or in situations that require individual room identification.

  • Small to medium-sized spaces up to 400 m² (e.g. IT areas, server rooms)
  • Equipment (e.g. switch cabinets, telecommunications equipment)
  • Up to 5 adjacent rooms with localisation of the source of the fire (e.g. hotel rooms, offices, prison cells)
  • Stand-alone areas of application (e.g. wind farms, transformer stations)


  • Early fire detection thanks to innovative, highly sensitive HPLS light source technology
  • High degree of false alarm immunity through LogicSens fire pattern recognition
  • Optional individual room detection of the source of the fire with RoomIdent
  • 1 to 2 alarm thresholds
  • Optional smoke level display in bar graph form
  • Time saving commissioning through Plug & Play
  • Also available without fan as detector box
  • Optional with redundant fan
  • Cold storage option available

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