C-TEC CAST Programmer / Tester
C-TEC CAST Programmer / Tester

  • An easy-to-use handheld device programmer/tester
  • Assigns CAST detectors, manual call points, sounders, VADs and interface units with a User ID in seconds
  • Allows a CAST device’s outputs to be tested by switching on its sounder, VAD or relay
  • Allows CAST input devices to be tested by showing, for example, when a ‘smoked’ CAST detector has gone into alarm
  • Battery powered
  • Auto shutdown feature helps preserve battery life
  • Backlit LCD with adjustable contrast control
  • Includes an integrated base for direct connection to CAST detectors and sounders/VADs (jack socket also provided for CAST ancillary device programming)
  • C-TEC Product Code: CAPROG