Advanced Sounder Booster Card
Advanced Sounder Booster Card

  • Increased sounder capability up to 4A
  • On-board indication
  • PSU fault input contacts
  • Requires a minimum 4 Amp power supply and enclosure
  • Certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4
  • Up to 64 eight-loop peer to peer panel network capacity
  • Hi-integrity & singlepath networking options
  • Very flexible cause and effects
  • Wide range of Switch & Indicator modules
  • Multiple ‘A-Bus’ expansion PCBs (I/O Units, Relays, etc.)
  • User-friendly full colour touchscreen with dynamic buttons and virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • Up to 200 separate and programmable zonal LEDs per panel (medium and large cabinets only)
  • 10,000 programmable and indicatable detection zones
  • Up to 38 characters of custom text per loop device
  • 20,000+ event memory (filterable by fire, fault & date)
  • Non-fire supervisory event functionality
  • Optional thermal printers
  • 20-way heavy-duty brass earth bar as standard
  • 72-hour standby (+ 30 min alarm) in standard cabinets
  • Built-in loop status & current-reading
  • Powerful engineering and commissioning functions
  • Wide range of flush-fit bezels and attractive glazed stainless steel frames
  • Powerful and intuitive PC programming tools
  • Apollo XP95/Discovery protocol
  • Advanced Product Code: MXS-025