Deister proxSafe Key Management System
Deister proxSafe Key Management System

Management of keys is just as crucial as an organisation’s physical security, and proxSafe provides the accountability required to maintain full control of an organisation’s keys (and other valuable assets such as tools, electronic devices etc.).

proxSafe controls who can take keys and when they can be taken. Some of the benefits of proxSafe include:

  • A reduction in time wasted looking for lost keys
  • No unauthorised access to keys
  • A removal of the need for unreliable and time consuming manual record keeping thanks to proxSafe’s auditable reports
  • A reduction in theft
  • A reduction in personal injuries caused by unauthorised individuals gaining access to hazardous areas/equipment
  • Web based software for controlling the system from anywhere in the world
  • Integration with a variety of access control systems
  • RFID technology is much more reliable than the contact technology used by other manufacturers
  • A quick return on investment
  • A variety of different sized cabinets available for systems of any size

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